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Buenos Aires pool report 4

Up to 1,000 more grants will be given per year to Argentine teachers, students and researchers to study in cities of the United States, following an agreement signed yesterday between Argentine Education Minister Esteban Bullrich and US Second Lady Jill Biden - who is in Argentina for a two-day official visit.

The deal comes after the visit of US President Barack Obama to Argentina in March, who agreed with Argentine President Mauricio Macri to strengthen ties between both countries in many areas, including education. An extra 500 teachers will travel to the US, as well as 350 more undergraduate students and 150 postgraduate students and researchers.

"The relationship with the United States is difficult. There's a lot of anti-Americanism in Argentina, based on decisions taken by politics that have nothing to do with the culture of a country. We need to have a mature relationship with the US," Bullrich told an audience at the Education ministry. "We have to accept all the help we can get."

US Ambassador in Argentina Noah Mamet highlighted the commitment of Argentina and the US in education following Obama's trip. Not only Argentines will be benefited from taking part of the scholarships but also US citizens, who will be exposed to the "famous creativity and talent" of the Argentine citizens, he said.

"The US and Argentina are taking steps to increase our ties, especially since the recent visit of our president Obama," Dr. Biden said. "Education is the foundation of building a better life. It unlocks the door to opportunities for students, who can then achieve their dreams. Teachers and students who take part of the grants will have a life changing experience."


On the previous pool report, it said Juliana Awada is Argentina's Vice-President, when in fact she is the First Lady. The report also said that in the US there are 12,000 community colleges, when in fact there are 1,200

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