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At 10:55 Flotus and Potus joined a group of children for story time at the story time stage. They sat in white, wire chairs beneath a blossoming tree. Children sat in neat rows of white folding chairs and on top of hay stacks.

Potus read "Where the Wild things are" (his fave book to read at this event). Flotus held the book as Potus read and interacted with the children.

When the president read the line "I'll eat you up!" said by the book's protagonist, Max, Flotus told the crowd of kiddies "you're not supposed to say that to your mom."

At a couple of other points, Flotus egged the crowd on "oohing" and roaring with the crowd. They flashed their "claws" and at one point they stood and marched in place with the kids for a "rumpus."

The two high fived when the president  finished. And president obama gave out high fives to the crowd.

At 11:02am, Flotus began reading "the rainbow fish." A handler held a large version of the book so the children could see the illustrations as the First Lady read.

At 11:07am she closed the book. She asked the kids what the moral of the story was and they said in unison, "share."

At 11:08am the babies rushed Flotus for a giant hug.

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