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Subject: Foreign pool report _Preset pool  POTUS tourning old  Havana

Pool waited under heavy rain for POTUS's  motorcade to arrive at Plaza De Arms Square  . Reporters and Photographers stood under blue umbrellas provided by the US embassy in Havana soaked in rain water from the dripping umbrellas . The President secret service agents circled the place where POTUS and First Family were about to walk into the square which was paved in old stones.

Your pooler could see from the distance the Motorcade pulling up and the First family emerging , all walking under umbrellas. The First Lady was wearing a sleeveless  while dress with red and blue patterns which could be seen in the distance. The President wore a light shirt and a jacket , no tie. Most of the entourage were security and embassy staff.

The city famous historian who is in bad health, Mr Eusebio Leal Spengler came out to walk his Americans hosts and explain what they are seeing. The President was talking to his daughter Malia who was in front of him walking backwards , pooler couldn't hear but it looks like he is talking to her about the statue in font of him which belong to Carlos Manuel De Cespedes who was a Cuban planter who freed his slaves and made a declaration for Cuban independence in 1868. Underneath it stood a floral wreath.  Pool was then told to move location and go inside the City Museum, (Museo De La Ciudad).  Its an old Spanish style two story building where  colonialists governors of Spain used to reside.

POTUS and First Family entered as people in the streets were yelling. ( we love you Obama) . The crowd were sheltering from the rain in the near by restaurant and in the entrance of the museum.  The President was greeted by an oil painting of Abraham Lincoln which was brought specially for him from inside one of the rooms to view.

The First lady was behind POTUS listing to a woman who was explaining things to her. POTUS posed for few seconds to say hello to the pool with a big smile . He waved and then continue to tour the place . The museum has a courtyard with lush tropical like trees where another big white statue of Christopher Columbus stood in the middle . There were no Cuban high officials accompanying  POTUS and FLOTUS on this tour. The pool was holding at a near by restaurant for a while before the bus ferried everyone back to the filing center.

Nadia Bilbassy
Washington Bureau Chief
Alarabiya News Channel.
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