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Subject: Foreign Pool Report - President Obama's Remarks on NY and NJ Bombings

8 minutes earlier than originally scheduled, President Obama made the statement on the New York and New Jersey bombings. Only a half hour ago, your foreign pooler was just notified about the updated schedule.

Inside a room of Lotte New York Palace Hotel, the President walked out and made a statement from 11:22 AM, and his remark lasted for 8 minutes. He didn't take question from pool reporters.

Reading from a prepared paper statement, first of all, the President said, "we are extremely fortunate and grateful that nobody was killed. Our prayers go out to all of those who have been injured. We want to wish them a speedy recovery."

The President said he talked with FBI Director Comey, New York Governor Cuomo and New Jersey Governor Christie, as well as New York City Mayor de Blasio. "I am extraordinarily happy with the cooperation that's been taking place between the FBI and state and local law enforcement officials. They are moving smartly on this investigation," he said.

Then the President also told reporters, "it does not help if false reports or incomplete information is out there. So try to as much as possible stick to what our investigators say because they actually know what they're talking about."

He also mentioned about the stabbing attack, which ISIL claimed responsibility, at the shopping mall in Minnesota. He said, "at this point, we see no connection between that incident and what happened here in New York and New Jersey."

The President did mention ISIL at one point, "we will continue to lead the global coalition on the fight to destroy ISIL, which is instigating a lot of people over the internet to carry out attacks. We are gonna continue to go after them. "

Finally the President said, "folks around here, they don't get scared. They're tough, they're resilient, they go about their business every single day."

"That kind of toughness and resoluteness and the recognition that neither individuals nor organizations like ISIL can ultimately undermine our way of life."

Your poolers were ushered out of the Lotte New York Palace Hotel right after his remarks, and now are holding in the van for the President's DSCC Roundtable. Stay tuned.

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