Fwd: Foreign Pool Report - Waiting Right Next to "the Beast"

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From: Ching-Yi Chang >
Date: September 19, 2016 at 1:39:16 PM EDT
To: "Gabriel, Brian" >
Subject: Foreign Pool Report - Waiting Right Next to "the Beast"

The motorcade headed back to the Lotte New York Palace Hotel at 1:00 PM. With a short and uneventful ride, the poolers arrived in the hotel roughly 10 minutes later.

While your foreign pooler was held in a van for the President's DSCC Roundtable, your pooler noticed that the van was actually parked right next to the Presidential State Car - the Beast. It was parked outside of a garage. And the driver was a female.

Right after the President finished his meeting at DSCC, the President's Photographer Pete Souza and two other people jumped into the car. But your pooler didn't see the President went into the same car.

Soon the Beast was on the move. And following the Beast was "another Beast", which was apparently parked inside the garage. Two Presidential Vehicles look exactly identical. And your pooler assume that President Obama was in the second one.

The pouring rain in Manhattan has just stopped, and your pooler saw more pedestrians were on the way taking photos and greeting to the motorcade .

Holding at the hotel now. And the lunch lid is called until 2:45 PM.

Best regards,
Ching-Yi Chang
White House Correspondent & Chief Editor
US News Center
Shanghai Media Group (SMG)
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