Fwd: In-town pool report #1 - motorcade

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From: Jordan Fabian >
Date: October 2, 2016 at 11:17:47 AM EDT
To: xxx@email.com
Subject: In-town pool report #1 - motorcade

Pool loaded into vans at 10:34 AM. Motorcade staged on W. Exec. Dr.
instead of the South Lawn driveway due to preparations for tomorrow's
South By South Lawn festival.

Pool did not see POTUS get into a vehicle. Motorcade left White House
grounds at 11:15 AM.

No word on our destination yet. Temperature in Washington is currently
68 degrees and overcast. Not quite rough conditions fore the
president's favorite weekend activity, but not  ideal either. It's
certainly better this week's rainy weather, which had the entire city
bunkered down. After our drive, your pooler will take another shot at
an update.

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