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POTUS and Gutterres both spoke (in English) for a combined 5 (1/2) minutes; POTUS did not take any questions at the end of their remarks.

Pool spotted National Security Advisor Susan Rice standing in the back of the Oval Office, which was adorned with green holiday roping with red ribbons and ornaments and white snowflakes, each with the name of a U.S. state on it. Obama had what looked like tea in a white china cup next to him, and both men had water glasses to their sides. The two men shook hands twice, at the end of each of their remarks.

Please see transcript for full remarks, but a few highlights:

POTUS praised Gutterres as a capable leader who has led multilateral delegations at the highest levels, most recently his work with the UN delegation on refugees. From the perspective of the U.S., the UN is a critical partner, Obama said.

"It is a linchpin of the post-World War II order, and to Democratic and Republican administrations, our partnership with the UN has allowed us to help resolve conflicts, to provide development assistance where it's sorely needed, to tackle trans-national challenges like refugee flows," Obama said.

At a time when those challenges are mounting and there's great uncertainty around the world, having an effective partner in the UN Secretary General will be critically important, the president said.

The meeting was held to share ideas about where the secretary general intends to take the UN and how the U.S. can work effectively with him, Obama said.

POTUS spoke for about 3 minutes 45 seconds, then Gutterres spoke. At the end of their remarks, they shook hands and several questions were shouted at POTUS, who thanked everyone and wished the pool a good weekend. Pool was ushered out at 11:19 a.m.

A lunch lid has been called until 2:00 p.m.

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