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POTUS received a warm reception at APAICS gala dinner, where he spoke for about 20 mins.

He highlighted his accomplishments in helping the Asian-American/Pacific Islander community and called again for comprehensive immigration reform.

He mentioned his judicial and federal appointments from the AAPI community and a taskforce on new immigrants as some of his administration's accomplishments.

He was interrupted often by applause by APAICS members in the packed room at the Washington Hilton. Many members were wearing traditional outfits from their native countries.

On immigration reform, POTUS said: "It's so difficult to understand why some folks are still standing in the way of comprehensive immigration reform."

He reminded the audience to vote in midterm elections to elect members of Congress who would support immigration reform.

POTUS did not mention Donald Trump by name, but pointed to the anti-immigrant sentiment in the news the last few months. "We've got to push back on any anti-immigrant sentiment," he said.

(Check quotes with the official transcript of his remarks).

Rep. Judy Chu introduced the president.

Side note -- Your pooler walked by Aziz Ansari on the way out.

Motorcade made it back to the White House at 8:45 pm.

Travel/Photo lid called at 8:46 pm.

Goodnight everyone!

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