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Here's an interview with Sen. Bill Cassidy courtesy of Edward-Isaac Dovere.

Sen. Bill Cassidy spoke to the pool as POTUS was beginning his neighborhood tour.

"There's two aspects to a federal response: the first aspect is does FEMA come in, does the Small Business association come in? Yes, absolutely. The second is you have to have attention exposed as well. We're going to talking to our colleagues in the Senate and the House to make the case that the disaster is so massive, something must be done. That's what this visit is about. That's what Trump's visit was about.

Remove the politics: Trump focused national attention which had been lacking. It doesn't take a cynic to suggest that it may have triggered some other visits, and that is the sort of second aspect to the federal response, because if we need--and we do--community development block grants, some sort of flood water mitigation project expedited, which opt has been idle for 30 years, that man can make it happen."

Cassidy noted that he is supporting Trump because of his problems with continuing the president's economic policy.

Asked if he thought the response has been up to speed other than the visitor time
I got be remarked on, Sen. Cassidy said, "his response has not completed, has it? If the issue is first the initial point of contact, and the second is bring attention, related to bring attention is to help us advocate for the block grants and the flood mitigation projects. His response is just not completed, so you have to ask me that question in a month."



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