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heckling at Ohio Democratic Party dinner.

About 8 minutes into the president's speech, just after he started urging Democrats to elect Clinton as president and help her out with a Democratic House and Senate, a woman started heckling from the balcony directly above the press seats, maybe 200 feet from the president. She was loud but the acoustics weren't good. He could tell someone was shouting but even we couldn't quite understand much of it. "(uintelligible) water! (unintelligible) fossil fuel!"

Obama stopped. Squinted.

"Maybe you can get me a note. Write me a letter," he said into the darkness as the woman kept shouting. "I can’t hear you that well. I promise you this will go better."

The woman kicked up the volume. "No more pipeline!" (Obama replied: "I got  you.") "No more Dakota access pipeline!"

"I'm getting old so I can't hear that well. I can't see that well," the president quipped. Eventually the woman was escorted away, apparently. She was shouting as she went and it grew increasingly faint.

Obama resumed by noting what a great speech the first lady made in New Hampshire, highlighting their shared views on Trump.

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