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From: Andrew BEATTY >
Date: March 24, 2016 at 9:52:11 PM GMT-3
To: "Desiree N. Barnes" >
Subject: Pool report 12 - Airport

More details on the Obama-Macri meeting. It happened during the Obama family dinner. POTUS and FLOTUS  apparently left briefly to say goodbye to Macri and his wife.

The motorcade arrived to the airport at 21:49.

There were still some protestors at the same spot as before. Although much calmer and much fewer in number. One poster showed Uncle Sam, although we passed too fast to make out exactly what it said ir was meant to convey.

At one spot there were a detachment of riot police, at least one with a pump action shotgun.

At the airport POTUS and family climbed the stairs. POTUS gave a quick wave. We are about to roll.

Next stop Buenos Aires.

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