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Date: November 12, 2016 at 1:00:27 PM EST
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Subject: Pool report 2

As prescribed by the constitutions of the PGA and the United States, President Obama today made a successful, smooth and seamless transition from a weekday suit and tie to weekend golf togs. He arrived at Joint Base Andrews at 12:40 after an uneventful motorcade.

His golfing partners are lawyer Cy Walker and regulars Marvin Nicholson and Mike Brush.

This could turn out to be the last Saturday golf outing of his presidency, at least in the continental United States.  After today,  there are only nine  Saturdays left before the inauguration. One will find the First Golfer in Peru. One is Christmas Eve and one is New Year's Eve. Weather will be challenging for the rest unless he is in Hawaii.

Pool is currently sequestered in the Home of the Whopper.

George Condon, National Journal

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