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It started out like another in a week of final tributes, this one with POTUS honoring VP Biden with a hundred or so friends, family and staffers seated in the State room. After warmly reminiscing at some length about their "bromance,"? POTUS surprised everyone when he asked the military aide to join them at the podium and said he was awarding Biden the presidential medal of freedom "with Distinction," an added layer of honor only awarded to 3 other people: Pope John Paul, President Reagan, and General Colin Powell. The female military aide read the citation

There were audible oohs and aahs when POTUs revealed the purpose of the gathering. Nobody saw it coming. "Richetti, you're fired!" Biden exclaimed as he took the podium after POTUS draped the medal around his neck. Steve Richetti is Bidens chief of staff and kept the secret. "I had no inkling," Biden said. He then went on to give an emotional ?tribute to POTUS and Michelle and Jill and his family and even Michelles mother. "Your mom15 years older could have been my mom, the way we were raised, there isn't any difference, same value set...not one ounce of entitlement...all that grounding you had made this guy totally whole."

It was vintage Biden, warm, passionately delivered and a final quote? from an Irish poet about his award: "what comes from the heart enters the heart.".

"I can say I was part of the journey of a remarkable man, who did remarkable things," Biden concluded to standing ovation.
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