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After a 12-minute ride through extremely congested rush hour traffic, the motorcade arrived a few blocks north of the White House at the Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church.

POTUS is here for the memorial service for Cassandra Quin Butts, the former White House aide who died May 25 of acute leukemia.

Butts was a classmate of POTUS' at Harvard Law School, and had been a longtime friend and adviser. She was also the nominated in Feb 2014 to be US ambassador the Bahamas, but the Senate did not act on the confirmation.

Among those listed in the program as having roles in the service are Superme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, US Rep James Clyburn, and journalist Gwen Ifill.

The program also includes photos of Butts with family, the poem "When Great Trees Fall" by Maya Angelou, as well as an email list she sent out (an annual tradition) in 2015 of her favorite picks in art and culture (recommendations include TV shows "The Walking Dead" and "Orange is The New Black," books "Migrations: Human in Transition" and "The Fire Next Time," and movies "Spotlight" and "About Elly." She also wrote at the time of music: "There was too much Prince to enjoy this year and his creative legend continues.")


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