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Date: March 24, 2016 at 11:24:14 AM GMT-3
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Subject: Pool report 4 quotes and departure

We departed the Parque at 11:10 and ten minutes later arrived back at the ambassador's residence, where we are now waiting .

"it takes courage for a society to face uncomfortable truths.... But
it's essential to moving forward."

"There's been controversy about the policies of the United States
early in those dark days..."

US "Has to examine its own policies as well, and it's own past...we've
been slow to speak out for human rights, and that was the case here."

"I believe we have a responsibility to confront the past with honesty
and transparency."

"A memorial like this speaks to the responsibilities that all of us
have. We cannot forget the past, but when we find the courage to
confront and we find the courage to change that past, that's when we
build a better future."

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