Fwd: Pool report 5 - to the airport

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From: Andrew BEATTY >
Date: March 24, 2016 at 12:28:59 PM GMT-3
To: "Desiree N. Barnes" >
Subject: Pool report 5 - to the airport

At 11:45 local the motorcade again left the ambassador's residence. POTUS and the first family were unsighted.

We then passed much of the same route through the park, before entering an emptied freeway.

Along the route POTUS hurtled past a stadium that is home to the famed River Plate football club - where Alfredo di Stefano, Hernan Crespo and other superstars once played.

He also passed a neighbourhood called Evita City, named after Eva Peron, or perhaps Madonna.

Every once in a while there were clusters of people who filmed the motorcade as they waited for the roads to clear. Most appeared happy, but one motorcyclist gesticulated to make it clear he was slightly displeased with the situation.

We arrived to Ezeiza Airport at 12:16 local time, where the small AF1 awaited us, in the shadow of its larger sister plane.

From a distance the pool could see Sasha and Malia climb the steps, followed by POTUS and the First Lady, who gave a wave at the top.

At 12:25 the engInes are firing up. Next stop Bariloche.

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