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First Q from the audience, from a Kentucky Obamacare enrollment who voted for POTUS in 08 adn 12 but for Trump in 16. (She was profiled in Vox recently).

She says Kentuckians are finding "fewer choices in our area" in terms of plans and "an increase in premiums and deductibles." She said Kentuckians are finding the ACA "unaffordable and unusable" and asked how to fix things.

POTUS says "Kentucky is a place where this has really worked," blames politics for some governors not expanding Medicaid.

But POTUS offers what he describes as "my main criticism of Obamacare," which is that "the subsidies aren't as high as they probably should be for a lot of working people."

POTUS says subsidies should be higher to help more working people pay premiums, says there should be a public option as well.

Says McConnell is not proposing this.

To people who are unhappy about Obamacare, POTUS says, you should "at the very least you should be putting pressure" on repeal-ers to lay out the details of their plans to replace it.

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