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From distinguished pooler Andrew Beatty of AFP

Travel pool report 6 - arrival Midway

First apologies for the delay in sending this. Communications extremely difficult. This is pooler Andrew Beatty.

First off, we arrived to Midway Atoll.

Air Force One glided over crystalline blue and turquoise waters before touching down on Midway Atoll at around .11:31am local.

Opening the door of the plane revealed a sky thick with birds, circling against a backdrop of wispy white clouds.

POTUS emerged from the plane smiling and wearing sunglasses, a Grey shirt with sleeves rolled up, khakis and brown desert boots.

He walked toward a gray weather beaten hangar terminal, emblazoned with a sign reading "NAF Midway Island."

POTUS walked toward the rope line. Virtually all the roughly forty inhabitants of Midway had come out to welcome him. "We are going to have a great time" POTUS was heard to say.

POTUS posed for a group photo and then he and the pool loaded into a cavalcade of golf carts, and set off to the visitors center.

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