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Date: May 27, 2016 at 3:49:24 PM GMT+9
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Subject: Pool report #6 -- Arrival in Iwakuni

POTUS arrived at the Iwakuni air station at 3:33 pm local time.

He and Amb. Kennedy stepped out of the plane and greeted the following, each pausing to talk with each one. They then walked toward the event site where Obama will speak to troops.

Greeting the president at plane side were:,

Hitoshi KIKAWADA, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs

Yoshihiko FUKUDA, Mayor of Iwakuni City

Nobuo KISHI, Lower House Diet Member for Yamaguchi District 2 and Former Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs

?Rear Admiral Nakoki SONODA, Admiral, Japanese Air Self-Defense Force

Sergeant Major Christopher Garza, Sergeant Major, Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni

Colonel Robert Boucher, Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni

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