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Date: March 24, 2016 at 3:35:11 PM GMT-3
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Subject: Pool report 6 Demo

The motorcade left the airport and made its way through the picturesque lakeside city of Bariloche, where the route was lined with people, many waving, smiling and taking photos. One placard read enjoy Baroloche. Some held Argentine flags and looked rather stern.

There were also a smattering of riot police along the way. Today is the 40th anniversary of a coup which ousted Isabel Peron.

At one point in the city there was a noisy demonstration of hundreds of people that were being forcibly held back by a phalanx of riot police with shields up.

The crowd looked angry, and were holding placards and flags bearing Peronist slogans and images including Evita. There was one Cuban flag adorned with an image of Che Guevara.

We are still moving, next pool report on arrival.

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