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More from Andrew Beatty:

Travel pool report 7 - gaggle

Some highlights from the gaggle aboard AF1


Josh Earnest made an announcement re POTUS call aboard AF1:

"This morning aboard Air Force One the president telephoned FEMA administrator Craig Fugate to discuss efforts to prepare for the arrival of hurricanes in Florida and Hawaii. In both states FEMA officials have been working extensively over the last several days to mobilize resources in support of local efforts. The President asked administrator Fugate to keep him up to date on response efforts and to alert him if there are any significant unmet needs. As always it is important for people in potentially affected areas to follow weather reports and follow the instructions from state and local officials."

Brain Deese:

'The fact of significant hurricane activity in Hawaii is unique and new, several years ago there was less frequency of hurricane in this region."


Deese, on the decision to expand the Papahanaumokuakea: "In the future I think people will look at this and see it as a climate refuge, because you have a protected space of sufficient scale."

"As the oceans change and as temperatures increase and acidification increases the risk is of increasing areas of the ocean that become uninhabitable or less habitable for all manner of species."


Deese was asked about possible grace periods for china and India in a potential airline emmissions agreement: "Obviously when you are talking about a global industry and you are talking about carriers not countries that are competing on similar routes then you are going to need a mechanism where everybody is participating. A voluntary mechanism has the potential to help move you into that position, but I think it is going to be important that between now and when we get to the end that countries  indicate their intention with respect to that voluntary approach."

"I also expect that is an issue, that is something we will be discussing as well." he said looking toward the China portion of this trip.


Earnest responded to suggestions that the United States and others had been lax about implimentation of the nuclear deal.

"We obviously take significant exception to some of the detials that are included in the report."

"The implimentation date was driven by the ability of the IAEA to verify that Iran had completed the stepss that they promised to take. The steps that they had promised to take were very clearly laid out and there were independent international experts who were given unprecidented access to Iran's nuclear facilities to verify that they had lived up to their commitments."

"Since then Iran has been in compliance with the agreement. right now as we speak Iran is in compliance with the agreement."


On Russian and Syria's reluctance to accept UN findings on the use of weaponized chlorine in Syria.

Earnest: "It is immoral for the Russians to provide international cover to the Assad regime as they engage in these kinds of disgusting tactics."

Earnest said there was a "fundamental contridiction" in Russia's position, between wanting a political transtion in Syria and taking steps to allow Assad to "cling to power."

"Until Russia resolves that internal contridiction , it's going to raise questions about their intgrity.. it's going to raise questions about Russia's ability to use their influence with the Assad regime and it's going to call into question their ability to effectively contribute to a situation in Syria."

Asked whether Russia was complicit in war crimes, Earnest said:  "There has been international interest in investigating questions about whether the Assad regime has committed war crimes, at the ICC, the Russians have been part of efforts to block those investigations, so it certainly would raise legitimate questions about Russian complicity in those kind of heinous acts when Russia is acting unilaterially to prevent an investigation into those acts."


"I do anticipate that the President will have a discussion, in fact lead the discusion at the G20 about combating tax avoidance strategies that are implimented by some multinational corporations."

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