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G7 family photo

The leaders walked out onto a rooftop terrace of the building where their working seassion is taking place at 3:58pm for the family photo. They were almost 40 minutes behind schedule.

They seemed very chummy and were all talking to each other in English, laughing as they walked down a path to the other end of the terrace. At one point German Chancellor Merkel put her arm around Italian Prime Minister Renzi's waist and gave him a squeeze like a parent might. Japanese Prime Minister Abe was gesturing to the beautiful vista to their left.

Your pool couldn't hear much.

As the leaders approached the spot for the photo, POTUS was walking and talking with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. All your pooler could hear was Mr. Trudeau say "We're working on it." Then POTUS seemed to send a signal that they should talk about it later, i.e. away from the press.

They took their places for the photo. POTUS had Mr. Abe on his left and Ms. Merkel on his right. They posed and all but Ms. Merkel did the usual wave.

They then turned with their backs to the cameras to take in the view.

POTUS asked if they were looking at the Eastern side.

"Do we have a map?" he said to no one in particular.

Mr. Trudeau asked Mr. Abe if those were oyster beds in the water. Mr. Abe said "yes" but didn't know what direction they were facing.

He asked some of his aides off to the side. Apparently they didn't know either.

"Nobody knows," said POTUS.

Mr. Abe repeated him, smiling: "Nobody knows."

Then he suggested they figure it out on Google Earth.

The leaders walked back into the building for their working session a couple minutes after 4pm.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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