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Subject: Pool report No 2 - "This is a threat to all of us"

POTUS addresses Diplomatic Corps reception in East Room

POTUS remarks began at 2:52.

Excerpts (check transcript):

"We come here with heavier hearts than normal. Overnight in Nice, we
witnessed another attack, an appalling attack on freedom and the peace
that we cherish. Today, our hearts are with the people of France and
all the innocent men and women and so many children who were hurt or
killed in this sickening attack."

Mentions the American father and 11-year-old son from Texas who were killed.

Welcomed Ambassador Gerard Araud of France, and noted speaking with
French President Francois Hollande earlier today. 'I reminded him that
France is America's oldest allies and one of our strongest. We owe our
freedom to each other."

"We pledge to stand with our French friends as we defend our nations
against this scourge of terrorism and violence. This is a threat to
all of us."

POTUS referenced the recent attacks in Turkey, Iraq, Bangladesh, and
Saudi Arabia. These attacks "are an affront to all of our humanity."
Many of the nations represented here today are part of the global
coalition fighting ISIL. "We will not relent."

"We will win this fight by staying true to our values - values of
pluralism, rule of law, diversity, freedoms like freedom  of religion,
freedom of speech, assembly."

"We cannot give in to fear or turn on each other or sacrifice our way of life."

POTUS remarks at 3:03 pm, visited with a few people, then left the room.

Linda Feldmann
Christian Science Monitor

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