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Subject: POTUS print pool 2 -- bilateral begins

After reviewing the troops, Obama and POTUS went into another room to begin their talks. Full pool did not go in.  One source standing nearby heard the two men begin talking, through translators, about the common experience of having daughters.

At 1:50 pm, POTUS and Castro are scheduled to hold a press event at the Revolutionary Palace. It is not clear going in that the Cuban leader will take questions, as the U.S. president and almost every other world leader, including the Chinese president, do after a formal bilateral meeting with another head of state.

Addendum to first pool report: Obama wrote the following in the guest book: "It is a great honor to pay tribute to Jose Marti, who gave his life for independence of his homeland. His passion for liberty, freedom, and self-determination lives on in the Cuban people today. "

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