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Date: January 20, 2017 at 10:04:18 AM EST
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Pool, ushered over from the Rose Garden, where we witnessed Obama's final exit from the Oval Office (per pool report #1), was stationed on a riser adjoining the North Portico.
Trump motorcade appeared at 9:38 am. Around circular drive. VP Biden, lavender tie, and wife Jill stood at the top of the steps, Jill in a pink dress, to greet VP elect Pence and wife Karen, both in a dark coats against chill.
"Welcome," Biden said. Other words inaudible.
Handshakes between men, hugs between wives.
Obama and Michelle came out next to greet Trump and Melania.
Obama sported a blue tie, Michelle a maroon dress. Obama pecked her on the cheek and they both
chatted and smiled tightly as the Trump limo pulled up.
Obama waved, "how are you" as Trump emerged from the car in dark suit and red tie. Melania wore a powder blues dress and matching heels.
She carried a matching colored box containing a present, which Obama carried inside after exchanges of handshakes and kisses.
All 4 lined up for the photographers, before heading inside for the traditional coffee and tea reception, which is closed press.

Kevin Diaz
Houston Chronicle/HEARST

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