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More from the Obama White House:
In keeping with tradition, the President has left the President-elect a letter in the Oval Office. ( as noted in earlier pool report )

Here's the official list of attendees for tea reception:

1.    The President
2.    The First Lady
3.    The Vice President
4.    Dr. Biden
5.    President-Elect Trump
6.    Mrs. Trump
7.    Vice President-Elect Pence
8.    Mrs. Pence
9.    Hon. Roy Blunt, Chairman of Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies (R-MO)
10.    Mrs. Abbie Blunt, Spouse of Senator Blunt
11.    Hon. Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader (R-KY)
12.    Mrs. Elaine Chao, Spouse of Senator McConnell
13.    Hon. Charles E. Schumer, Senate Democrat Leader (D-NY)
14.    Ms. Iris Weinshall Schumer, Spouse of Senator Schumer
15.    Hon. Paul D. Ryan, Speaker of the House (R-WI)
16.    Mrs. Jana Ryan, Spouse of Speaker Ryan
17.    Hon. Kevin McCarthy, House Majority Leader (R-CA)
18.    Mrs. Judy McCarthy, Spouse of Rep. McCarthy
19.    Hon. Nancy Pelosi, House Democrat Leader (D-CA)
20.    Mr. Paul Pelosi, Spouse of Rep. Pelosi

Kevin Diaz
Houston Chronicle/HEARST

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