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On the NY/NJ bombings, Potus  praised the  "extraordinary work and coordination that is taking place between the FBI and law enforcement."

Outstanding police work and outstanding law enforcement work are responsible for the fact that a suspect is in custody, he said.

He said he talked with injured officers, said they were in good spirits, called it "just one more reminder"
what they put on the line to keep people safe.

Declined to speculate on what motivated the attacks ... Said one of the challenges that we face in an open society is that people who are disturbed in some fashion can carry out attacks like this.

On ISIS:  "We have made significant progress in rolling back ISIL ...
We have seen the steady progress as the Iraqi forces are getting more confident."

On Mosul: "This is going to be challenging ... We feel confident that we will be in a position to move forward fairly rapidly ... It will be a tough fight ... This is going to be hard, this is going to be challenging ... We are going to be asking Congress and other countries to step up to their effort"

Abadi talked about the huge terrorist threat against the whole world, expressed hope that in the next two months the forces can take Daesh out of Mosul, along with their "very dangerous ideology." As he talked about the damage Daesh has done and the need to remove them he emphasized the importance of following the rule of law.

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