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After almost 24 hours of travel, the president landed at 9:32 pm local time Sunday in Hanoi. He deplaned and was immediately greeted on the tarmac by a young woman in a long yellow dress who handed him a bouquet of flowers. He greeted a reception line before climbing into the limo and heading for his hotel.

Quiet clusters of people on the dark streets watched the motorcade go by. Some people recorded the procession by phone. A few held bouquets of Mylar balloons. Except for the small groups, the streets seemed to have been completely cleared.

POTUS arrived at his hotel and there are no events on the schedule.

List of greeters, per WH:

1) Mr. Mai Phuoc Dung, Chief of Protocol

?2) H.E.Mr. Dao Viet Trung, Minister and Chairman of the President's External Relations Office

3)H.E.Mr. Pham Quang Vinh, Vietnam Ambassador to the US

4) Mr. Ha Kim Ngoc, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs

5) Mr. Nguyen Vu Ha Le, Director General of External Affairs, President's Office

6) Mr. Le Chi Dung, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

7) U. S. Ambassador Ted Osius

8) Linh Tran (21) ceremonial flower girl

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