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Subject: Preset pool: POTUS arrival to National Convention Center

At 10:46 POTUS is here, no word on timing update for the family photo.

Same arrival hall as last night, but no faces projected on the massive screen for leaders as they arrive. Instead, the screen has had a constant projection with "11th East Asia Summit" and the date and location on it. A helpful slate for the event.

Also, attire today is standard business, and I haven't seen much regional flare.

Very quiet between 8:30 and 10:40ish, presumably some delegations had come earlier for meetings, as the hallways were packed with staff and  foreign journalists waiting outside of doors.

10:41 Pres. Park walked in wearing a white tunic/blazer and black slacks.

At 10:46 POTUS walked in, wearing a dark suit and blue Oxford with a dark tie. He turned down the right hallway, as he did yesterday evening. My hunch is he's heading the leader hold space, where apparently last night he briefly chatted with Pres. Duterte.

At 10:53 the Australian delegation rolled in.

Arrivals coming at a good clip now.

Next up is a family photo in the same spot as last night - difference today will be that they're wearing business clothes rather than last night's festive tops. No guidance on whether that's still on for 11:30a local or if it too is quite delayed.


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