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Subject: Print pool 10 -- Obama/Park comments on North Korea, and LID

After President Obama met with South Korean President Park Geun-hye and her delegation in a Landmark hotel conference room, the two leaders spoke to the pools mainly about the North Korean nuclear threat and on the recent missile tests. (It was hard to hear at times above the clamor in the press buffer.)

Park  called the tests "fundamentally threatening" and said the two had agreed to "respond resolutely" to any provocation. She said the U.S. and SK will respond by using all means.(That may be an exact phrase, but others did not get that in their notes nor on their recordings, so check the transcript if you want "using all means" in quote marks.)

She warned "reckless provocation will lead north Korea down the path of self-destruction." She talked about closing "loop holes in sanctions"

Obama said, "These launches are provocative."  Obama described THAAD as a purely defensive system "to deter and defend." He called on other nations to "implement sanctions fully" against NK and noted that the latest missile tests took place while China was hosting the G20. POTUS said that if North Korea committed to denuclearize then the "opportunities for us to dialogue with them are there," but he added that the current behavior made that impossible.

Thanks to A. Beatty for help. We have a lid for the day.

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