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Potus was greeted at the presidential mansion by a military band playing the two national anthems. The pool skipped ahead to an ornate room with high ceilings and a set of couches and arm chairs. Greek and American press stood to the side as the two presidents came in and sat. Seven men, none of them part of the US delegation, sat in the chairs. Susan Rice sat to Obama's right. The two exchanged words, pausing for translation.

Greek President Pavlopoulos thanked Obama for his support of Greece during the debt crisis and said,
"I am Certain that your successor ... will continue on the same path." Greece is committed to a strong Europe, he said, and will strive to stay on the path of European integration. (Translator was hard to hear, pool missed much of what was said. Pavlopoulos named Cyprus as one of his top concerns and talked a bit about his; check transcript.)

Potus thanked him for the welcome to the "birthplace of democracy," brought greetings from Greek American community. Greece has gone through challenging Econ times, my admin's policy to work with you to restore growth and optimism, glad to see progress is being made, we "intend to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Greek people during this process."  A strong prosperous and unified europe is good for the US. Also want to extend the world's appreciation for Greek humanitarian compassion for tendered refugee crisis. It's important that we don't have any single country bear the burden for this, but rather deal with migration in an orderly and compassionate way. Whether dealing with terrorism, addressing challenges of Middle East, hosting our naval vessels, the strong nato relationship with Greece is of the utmost importance. Relationship is "unwavering" -- across Dem and republican admins there is a recognition that the nato alliance is important. I also hope to get to see the Acropolis and do a little bit of sightseeing.

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