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The leaders sat down for a lunch at 11:15 am, beginning with toasts. The pool came in and stood behind the leaders, so as they spoke, we stood  watching their backs. Potus toasted the Lao president, quoting a Lao saying, "Sweet makes you dizzy and bitter makes you healthy," said he looks forward to both experiences on this visit. Noted again that he is the first US president to visit Laos and said he hopes for a good working relationship. He also mentioned a Lao belief about the body and soul being united, and closed with a wish for unity among people.

The two delegations then began to dine as a band struck up. Delegations were seated around tables draped in gold cloth. The two leaders leaned in and talked privately. Have you had a chance to visit the Unites States? Obama asked Vorachith. Then they started talking about world problems in general.

The head table then watched ten teenaged-looking girls in red and gold sarongs performing a traditional dance.

Pool holds.

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