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Date: November 15, 2016 at 2:45:01 PM GMT+2
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Subject: Print pool 4 -- Tsipras spray

About half past two, Obama and Tsipras sat in a library at the PM's palace to talk. In a pool spray before their meeting, the PM welcomed Potus to the birthplace of democracy, talked about how "we struggle for democracy," freedom and human rights. We are still standing, despite the difficulties of the last five years, we still stand for these ideals. We hope the negotiations ... lead us to a fair and viable solution. I hope your last trip to Europe brings about important results.

Obama repeated the ideas of his pool spray with Pavlopoulos. This is a challenging time around the world, particularly for people of Greece, congratulate them on moving forward trough a difficult process, hope we can build on that, the reforms are not easy but are necessary. To the rest of europe I will continue to emphasize that austerity alone cannot bring about prosperity. Noted Greek hospitality to refugees. We hope to support a just and durable solution to the situation in Cyprus.

Pool is holding in a hallway, waiting for the Newser.

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