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At 7:08 pm the motorcade left the Potus hotel en route the state dinner, arrived twenty minutes later. The president headed directly to the state dinner in the presidential mansion, in a large dining room seating 150 to 200 people. It was a modest affair, with men in business suits and women mostly in tea-length dresses. Centerpieces were small arrangements of wild flowers and dried fruit. President Pavlopoulos gave remarks noting the economic situation coloring many conversations today. He also noted the fascism of the 20th century, honored the landing at Omaha beach, asked that European leaders listen to Obama's message, said he hopes the Syrian war and refugee crisis will end.

Obama quoted Pericles on the subject of friendship. Noted the pride Americans take in the Olympics, noted the new record for gold medals set by Michael Phelps. We have inspired each other, stood together in good times and bad, especially the bad times that have befallen this nation recently. He proposed a toast to the virtues and values, may Greeks and Americans always be there for each other. Then the Greek toast sin iesous. Pool ushered out as dinner began.

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