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Obama shook hands for a long time with an elderly man with grey hair and a cane, identified as Tsuboi by the advance staff. See previous report for more on him. Mr. Tsuboi leaned backward and gestured broadly as he spoke with Obama, as if describing something he had seen.

Next potus moved to Mr. Mori, in heavy dark rimmed glasses, who was more reserved. Something he said caused the president to lean in and give him a gentle hug.

The pool could not hear what they were saying.

After a few minutes talking to these survivors, Obama and Abe moved to walk around the crowd, pausing for a moment so that Obama could reach into the crowd and shake hands with a girl and boy of elementary school age, wearing white and navy school uniforms. The children stared wide-eyes at the procession that followed the president.

When they left the peace park, the leaders took an unexpected path that caused some confusion among the Japanese press about which way to run. As one Japanese journalist tried to jump a rope and move toward the leaders, a security official who looked to be American shoved him back behind the line. Once White House staff cleared the way for these journalists, the group sprinted to the next security barrier and, in the effort to get a glimpse of Obama and Abe, Japanese press broke out into a little shoving match. The American press was not involved and quickly withdrew and pulled back to the motorcade, which is now speeding back along that crowded main thoroughfare.

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