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White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz gaggled in flight. He announced presidential travel to Orlando on Sunday and Durham, N.H. on Monday. Both are Clinton campaign events.

Schultz said President Obama's remarks on the FBI investigation did not reflect any change in the White House position that it would neither defend nor criticize Director Comey.

"Nothing changed."

Reading the president's entire remarks in the Now This interview, he said, "you will see the president went out of his way to say he wasn't going to comment on any specific investigation."

"We do take seriously the longstanding norms and customs" that have historically limited what law enforcement can say about a pending investigation. Those norms are designed to limit "speculation - and yes, innuendo," he said.

"These customs shouldn't apply only if someone is famous, or if there's an election around the corner," he said.

On Des Moines: "The president is aware of last night's terrible shooting." He said the White House was in touch with local officials, and that the Justice Department was actively monitoring the situation. He did not read out any presidential conversations. Schultz repeated past presidential statements that there is "absolutely no justification" for violence against police officers.

In response to a question about the recent cancelled arms sales to the Philippines, Schultz said there is no change in the official relationship between the US and the Philippines.

In reference to Russian hacking of the US elections, he said that the US has both the best offensive and defensive cyber capabilities in the world.

Schultz said that Mr. Obama is, as a Chicago resident, rooting for the Cubs, although his first loyalty is to the White Sox. In answering whether the president's choice of the Cubs might have an impact on voting in Ohio, Mr. Schultz said that the president believes that anyone who has the time to watch the game or get a free taco today (the result of a promotion by Taco Bell), then they have the time to vote.

More to come. Special thanks to co-pooler Gardiner Harris for help with tight turnaround on a short flight.

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