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Walking along a gravel road, the leaders wandered by your
prepositioned pool. The leaders were led by a Shinto priest. Obama and
Abe had their heads together, with both men alternating in making
expansive hand gestures. Your pooler could not hear what was said.
Your pool was bracketed by two cedar trees that each measured some 200
feet in height.
The grounds here are extraordinary, with cleaned mossy expanses dotted
with well-tended bushes, shrubs and trees. Stream beds and walls are
made with moss-covered rough-cut stone.
The drive here was impressive for the sheer number of police officers.
Over a distance of some 40 or 50 kilometres, a police officer stood
with their backs to the road every 50 meters or so, with some longer
gaps but many more tighter clusters particularly early and late in the
drive. That is a force of 7,000 to 10,000 cops -- somewhere between
the entire sworn force of Philadelphia and Los Angeles.  That is an

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