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Subject: Travel pool #1 -- JB Andrews

Marine One was wheels down at Joint Base Andrews at 2:03 pm.

POTUS was down the steps on Marine One at 2:07 pm. Up the steps of Air Force One a moment later. Today, we're in the small Air Force One.

We're headed to Miami today where POTUS will be attending events for the DSCC and DNC. After that, we're headed to Palm City, Fla.  later this evening where the president will stay the weekend.

What the president will be doing in Palm City is something fore which we can only hazard a guess, but it would be par for the course if he were to partake in one of his favorite weekend pursuits. Let's just say it doesn't take a stroke of genius to figure it out. Your pooler will leave it to you to draw the right connections and make the links.

White House spokeswoman Jen Friedman is expected to gaggle en route.

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