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Obama spoke for about 38 minutes to the Ohio Democrats' Annual Dinner. Just the one heckler in pool #9. Pool hustled out as soon as he ended.

This was open press and livestreamed by the state party. He went on at length about Trump, pitching Ted Strickland's challenge to Sen. Rob Portman in making the case that Republicans who knew better, stood by and either said nothing or actually supported Trump can't be rewarded for backing away from Trump now.

"The problem is not that all Republicans think the way his guy does. The problem is that they've been riding this tiger for a long time. They've been feeding their base all kinds of crazy for years, primarily for political expedience" - birtherism, talk radio pushing the idea that he's the anti-Christ. Climate change deniers. Texas senators and governor who didn't shoot down conspiracy theories about a routine military exercise.

"The people that knew better didn't say anything. They didn't say well I disagree with his economic policies but that goes too far." Trump took advantage of that, Obama said. So Republicans who let Trump flourish --  "they don't get credit for at the very last minute when finally the guy that they nominated and they endorsed and they supported is caught on tape saying things that no decent person would even think, much less say, much less brag about, much less act on." (advice: check transcript on that riff)

Obama said he's actually more forgiving of the people who actually believed all the untruths than those "than the people who knew better and stood silently by because it was politically expedient."

More tweaks of the GOP: "You're not even consistent anymore. You claim the mantle of the party of family values and this is the guy you nominate? And stand by and endorse and campaign with? Until finally at the 11th hour you withdraw your nomination? You don't get credit for that..... You're the party that's tough on foreign policy and opposes Russia, then you nominate Trump, whose role model is Vladimir Putin, the former head of the KGB? I'm sorry, what happened? It's disappointing. It really is. Because yes I'm a Democrat but I'm an American first."

"He [Trump] didn't come out of nowhere and that's why we've got to win this election at every level," Obama said.

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