Fwd: Travel Pool 12: dinner over

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From: "Memoli, Michael" >
Date: November 19, 2016 at 10:13:18 PM GMT-5
To: Peter Velz >
Subject: Travel Pool 12: dinner over

Pool vans in the POTUS motorcade revved up after an hours-long hiatus at 10:01 pm, rolling briefly, stopping, starting, stopping and starting again as it joined the full fleet to depart amid some commotion from narrow, crowded streets winding around Parque de la Reserva at 10:10 pm.

We are bound again for the JW Marriott.

Your pooler has little to report at this moment about what may have transpired over the past 2+ hours. We held in and around our vans far from the action throughout.

Mike Memoli

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