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Date: June 29, 2016 at 5:16:22 PM EDT
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Subject: Travel pool #13 -- Parliament spray

Pool was ushered into the Cabinet Room for a very brief pool spray at 5:13 pm. POTUS and the PM shook hands. No remarks. We were ushered out a moment later.

As promised, here are the officials who welcomed POTUS to the Rotunda:

1.    H.E. George J. Furey, Speaker of the Senate
2.    H.E. Geoff Regan, Speaker of the House of Commons
1.    H.E. Peter Harder, Government Representative in the Senate
2.    H.E. Rona Ambrose, Leader of the Official Opposition
3.    H.E. Yonah Martin, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party in the Senate
4.    H.E. James Cowan, Leader of the Senate Liberals
5.    Mr. Peter Julian, House Leader of the New Democratic Party
6.    Mr. Rh?al Fortin, Leader of the Bloc Qu?b?cois
7.    Ms. Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party
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