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Subject: travel pool #2/Obama remarks in Cleveland

Open press remarks at Burke Lakeside Airport in Cleveland.

The president spoke just under 40 minutes, ending about 11:50am.

Some stuff you may not have heard:
Early in the speech as Obama noted that he'd promised to work as hard as he could, a man in the back started heckling. "While you're not golfing!"
A moment later, the same man began shouting "Bill Clinton's a rapist! Bill Clinton's a rapist!" And he opened his jacket to reveal and T-shirt with Bill Clinton's image and the word "RAPE." There were other hecklers elsewhere in the crowd. Couldn't tell what they were saying. People chanted "Hill-a-ree Hill-a-ree" to drown him out. He stopped heckling and stayed another five minutes or so. Obama urged the hecklers to go to Trump's rallies if they like him so much. "That's a better way to spend your time, unless you're just being paid to be here in which case, hey, everybody gotta make a living." A few minutes later as Obama questioned Trump's honesty the same heckler began shouting again about Bill Clinton being a rapist. This time he was escorted out peacefully.

Springsteen "This Train" blaring as Obama works the crowd.

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