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Subject: Travel pool #3 gaggle re Clinton/arrival in Charlotte, NC

Josh Earnest gaggled during the short flight to North Carolina, ending moments before landing at 2:28. Check quotes against transcript.

The president and Hillary Clinton spent time together in flight. Earnest was sure they didn't discuss the investigation or the FBI's announcement, and said the president won't discuss it directly in his public remarks.u
He sidestepped questions about whether the president agrees with the FBI's conclusion that Clinton was "extremely careless" with classified material. No one at the White House received a heads up about the FBI recommendation or even that director Comey would make his announcement today, he said. Because the Justice Department hasn't yet decided how to proceed on the FBI's recommendation, he said, the White House remains cautious about weighing in.
"The president is aware of the news," Earnest said.
Obama remains "enthusiastic about her candidacy.... The president will deliver a forceful case about Secretary Clinton's qualifications and values that she would bring to the job of president of the United States," he said.
"Based on what we know from Director Comey's comments, they've looked at this in excruciating detail," he said. He lauded Comey's integrity and noted that many Republicans had expressed confidence in the FBI's investigation ahead of today's announcement.
On cost of this trip to taxpayers: Earnest said the Clinton campaign will pay an ordinary share, through the DNC.  "The White House of course follows all of the rules and regulations that apply to presidential travel."
Will Obama discuss VP options with Clinton: "I would not be surprised if they do have an opportunity to discuss the ongoing a campaign. Secretary Clinton has lots of people who have good intentions who can offer her solid political advice. The president is among them... She alone is the person who can make the right decision for her and her campaign."
Significance of traveling with Clinton for their joint campaign appearance: "People might conclude that the president has a lot of personal affection for Secretary Clinton. People might conclude that the president has a lot invested in the success of her campaign. With regard to the ongoing work at the department of Justice, we have made clear time and time again that neither President Obama nor the White House is involved in that investigation."

Greeter at Charlotte:
Colonel Marshall C. Collins, Air National Guard Wing Commander

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