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We're still awaiting details on crowd size, money raised, etc from the Duckworth campaign.

Obama took the stage at 258. in attendance were Sen. Dick Durbin, Reps. Cheri bustos and Robin Kelly, as well as Rep. Duckworth’s mother and her absolutely adorable daughter, Abigail (who was utterly unimpressed with the entire situation. Smart girl, that one).

Following his speech Obama shook hands, held babies, and mingled with the crowd. He was clearly in his element and quite relaxed.

Afterwards, your pooler asked Obama to elaborate on specifically on the Trump tape scandal. Although he initially seemed ready to answer, he ultimately smiled and brushed us off with a standard “good to see you.”

We're rolling at 332 pm.

Here’s some highlights from the fundraiser. Full POTUS comments will be sent out by the White House.

Durbin comments:

“We believed in him when many others couldn’t pronounce his name,” Durbin said.

“The president has made me proud. Proud to have sat down with him one day in the Union League club one day and say, ‘Barack, you’ve got to run for president.’”


Duckworth dinged Trump for making Chicago’s problems with violence a part of his law and order campaign strategy: “We won’t stand for the likes of Donald Trump running us down.”

“Too many young people, part young people of color, have their dreams and ambitions stifled by a lack of hope … Addressing these issues and not stopping until there’s real progress will be one of my top priorities … [including] meaningful criminal justice reform.”

“I like this president because he makes me incredibly proud to be an illinoan and an American … I like this president because he’s done such an incredible just under incredibly tough circumstances”

She also touted POTUS’ economic record, Obamacare, marriage equality, end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the death of Osama Bin Laden and ended with “He has persevered and succeeded. He has been a transformative figure … the country is better off now than it was when he entered office … We gave him to the country, we gave him to the world, he has not let us down. He has kept the faith, mr. president thank you.”


“It is always good to be with friends … who’ve been there from the start.”

“Michelle wants me to say hello … It’s great to be in our house, sleeping in our own bed,” he said, though FLOTUS is not here as far as your pooler knows.

On the big weekend for the hometown Cubs: “We were a little disoriented because the Cubs looked like they may win the world series. A lot of my staff were headed for the north side pretty early last night.”

On Matthew: “it has left a lot of devastation in its wake. Lives have been lost, property has been damaged.” POTUS said he’s in touch with the govs in effected states and “Even as tv cameras move on to the next story we’re going to be right there with the people in need … We’re just going to keep on working to make sure as the waters recede you’re able to rebuild.”

“You may have noticed that when I got here on Friday, I was doing an event for the DCCC, and then I thought it would be a good time to go ahead and vote. I’m not going to tell you who I voted for. I think you can probably guess,” he joked.

POTUS gave his home state some love, saying “Illinois is a microcosm of America … if you rank the states … the land of Lincoln is a mirror for the best of who we are.”
At one point POTUS was interrupted by a cell phone and joked, “Uh oh, is someone calling? That’s so embarrassing. It’s alright. Where was I?” to laughs from the crowd.

Describing his own vision as one of cooperation, POTUS said “That’s the vision Tammy Duckworth shares. That’s why all of you have to be sure to do everything you can to send this outstanding candidate to the United States Senate.”

“She’s a tough lady with big heart. She’s going to be a great senator for the state of Illinois. I can’t think of a better person to represent this state that I love.”

“I know it’s a cliché to say every four years ‘this is the most important election of our lives.’ This is the most important election of our lives.’”

He then entered into his standard laundry list of accomplishments on the economy, energy, Obamacare, terrorism, and other issues. “The work we’ve been able to produce, even with all the obstruction, has been remarkable. But I’m telling you right now, all of that progress is at stake in this election … if we don’t do our jobs in this election, it could all be wiped away.”

On Trump scandal: “Are we really going to risk giving Donald trump the power to roll back all the progress we’ve made.”

“I don’t need to repeat it. There’s children in the room.”

“Demeaning, degrading women, but also minorities, immigrants, people of other faiths, mocking the disabled … he puffs himself up by putting other people down.”

“It tells you he doesn’t care much about the basic values we try to impart to kids … and it sure as heck tells you he hasn’t met someone as tough and smart and patriotic as tammy duckworth

“The bottom line is if you want to send a message in this election, you have to vote for Hillary Clinton and tammy duckworth”

“If you want common sense and a commitment to facts and reason, and a belief that here in America we’re stronger together, you have to vote for Hillary Clinton and you’re going to have to vote for tammy duckworth … we’ve got to hustle, we’ve got to work, we’ve got to fight for it … it’s only 30 days.”

Electing HRC and Duckworth would mean “not only are we going to win an election, we’re going to send a message to our kids about who we are, we’re going to reaffirm what this country is all about.”

POTUS ended with “So let’s get busy everybody. Are you fired up? Are you ready to go?”

John Stanton
DC Bureau Chief

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