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Shortly after 1 p.m., pool was led into the 200-seat Pigott Theater, adjacent to where Obama had delivered remarks and moderated the panel earlier in the afternoon. Sundar Pichai, Google's CEO, could be seen pacing nervously behind the stage as he awaited POTUS.

On the stage a gray backdrop read "Google for Entrepreneurs." Beside it, four entrepreneurs — one each from London, Erbil, Seoul and Mexico City — fidgeted as they, too, awaited the president.

"This is terrific," POTUS said, bounding onto the stage.

Pichai introduced the session, and POTUS beamed, then waved as Pichai mentioned each city.

Obama remarked how it impressive it was that the technology had made it seem like the entrepreneurs made it seem "like you're right in front of me."

As we were led out, POTUS could be heard asking the entrepreneurs about the work they do.

Motorcade departed Stanford en route to Moffett Federal Airfield at 1:32 p.m. EST. We are expecting a gaggle shortly after departure.



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