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Date: November 19, 2016 at 1:01:40 PM GMT-5
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Subject: Travel Pool 4: TPP Leaders Spray

At 12:48pm pool entered a large conference space where TPP leaders were seated at a large round table before an APEC logo backdrop. No news.

Mercedes Ar?oz, Peru's second Vice President, was making welcoming remarks as we entered. POTUS spoke very briefly, first thanking his hosts and making reference to the "busy agenda" ahead at the summit and the nations' commitment to creating jobs. Will effort fuller quotes, was difficult to hear from pooler's vantage point. Press was quickly hurried out.

To POTUS' right around table in order were delegations from Mexico (EPN and another official), Australia, and Brunei.  Ar?oz was to POTUS' left. Fellow poolers spotted PM Trudeau of Canada. Fuller list of participants from the White House below.

U.S Delegation:

1.           Ambassador Michael Froman, United States Trade Representative

2.           T.H. Susan Rice, National Security Advisor

3.           T.H. Wally Adeyemo, Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economics

4.           T.H. Him Das, Special Assistant to the President for International Economics

5.           Mrs. Barbara Weisel, Assistant United States Trade Representative for Southeast Asia

Present Delegations, each with leaders:

1.           Mexico

2.           Australia

3.           Brunei

4.           Canada

5.           Chile

6.           Japan

7.           Malaysia

8.           New Zealand

9.           Singapore

10.         Vietnam

11.         Peru

Mike Memoli

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