Fwd: Travel pool #5 -- Arrival at DSCC fundraiser

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Date: June 3, 2016 at 4:55:31 PM EDT
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Subject: Travel pool #5 -- Arrival at DSCC fundraiser

Uneventful motorcade ride. Lots of gawkers along the streets. Motorcade arrived at the event site at 4:53 pm. No POTUS sightings. Google Maps tells your pooler he is on La Gorce Island in Miami Beach.

On background from a DSCC official: "On Friday, June 3, President Obama will attend a joint event for the DSCC and Congressman Patrick Murphy's Senate campaign in Miami Beach, Florida. Tickets for the event are $19,400 per person. Congressman Murphy, Senator Ron Wyden and Senator Bill Nelson will also attend. This is the ninth event the President has done for the DSCC in the 2016 cycle. The Vice President has also done nine events for the DSCC."

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