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Air Force One touched down at Joint Base Andrews at 1:55 pm.

Eric Schultz gaggled for about 22 minutes during the brief flight. Check transcript. Highlights:

Few details of this afternoon's NSC meeting agenda. The president convenes the group "fairly regularly." Wouldn't say if he's any closer to a decision on a new strategy. Expects Iraq/Mosul offensive to be a topic today.

Russia/hacks - Schultz insisted that withholding emails between then Secretary of State Clinton and the president is in keeping with previous presidents' policies of keeping direct communication with the president confidential. "I don't believe those emails will be released," he said.
He also sidestepped questions about potential retaliation against Russia for the hacks and indicated it doesn't fully poison the US-Russia relationship. "If there are areas where both countries can work together... we're not going to be shy about pursuing those."

Trump's warning the election is rigged and Obama's pushback: Schultz focused on why the US elections aren't subject to being rigged (each state has its own system etc) and said "Those claims don't seem to be coming from someone on the cusp of winning."

Obama's warning today that democracy itself is at stake in the Clinton-Trump election. Isn't that kind of apocalyptic? Schultz initially retreated to comments about Obama just warning that legacy/agenda items are at stake but when pressed responded that "there are certain views that this nominee espouses that are contrary to democratic values - whether that's his belief that his opponent should be thrown in jail, or whether that's restricting the rights of journalists."

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's call for president to fire SEC chair Mary Jo White: "The president continues to believe that Chair White is the right leader for the Securities and Exchange Commission," Schultz said, adding a call to Senate to confirm nominees to two SEC vacancies.

FLOTUS anti-Trump speech yesterday in New Hampshire. He declined to read out "state secrets" of the Obamas' conversations. "The president's very proud of her remarks yesterday," he said.

Bob Dylan Nobel Prize: "He believes it's very well deserved."

Heckling of the president at these campaign events: "The president definitetly takes it in stride as was evident by how he handled these events. ... This isn't the first time, this isn't the last time that protesters want to make their voices heard at these events."

Week ahead highlights: State dinner Tuesday with Italian prime minister. Campaign travel to Miami on Thursday.


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