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Potus motorcade breezed through HCMC boulevards with crowds lining either side the entire route and in some cases down side streets. Pulling up to Jade Emperor Pagoda, the Beast limo drove right through the front gate and parked in the right entrance pavilion, then executed a tight 3-pt turn as the pool hustled past it and into the pagoda. We stopped in front of a Buddha statue behind glass and a spotlight, surrounded by other smaller statues, purple and white flowers and red candles with incense. The pagoda's Abbott gave Potus a tour of the pagoda then came into the room where the pool was to see the Buddha statue. Your pool overheard a bit of dialogue:

The Abbott told Potus that the Buddha statue represents the confession of the people and can see the suffering. Then he pointed to another statue to say In Tibet and India it was male but China and Vietnam transformed to female per local custom. He said some people in Asian still hope for sons and take some sort of drink for good luck.
"I like daughters," Potus replied.
Another man then struck a gong several times. The pool was moved out to an outdoor pavilion with I sense burning shrine where Potus walked to go back to his limo, amid shrieks from onlookers behind a wire fence. The motorcade departed back thru the streets with the cheering crowds to the Dreamplex for the entrepreneur event at 5 pm.
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