Fwd: Travel Pool 5: Photo op and departure to town hall

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From: "Memoli, Michael" >
Date: November 19, 2016 at 1:57:31 PM GMT-5
To: Peter Velz >
Subject: Travel Pool 5: Photo op and departure to town hall

At 1:49 pm POTUS arrived at the convention center 2nd floor Terrace along a red carpet before a red backdrop with the APEC 2016 logo to be officially welcomed to the APEC Summit by Peru's President Kuczynski. The chatted briefly, POTUS' left hand on his counterpart's right shoulder, before turning toward the cameras. With a wave, it was over quickly.

Earlier, at 1:32 pm President Kuczynski had arrived early to the designated spot for his official welcome to POTUS. He ambled about briefly and chatted with some staffers before disappearing, perhaps aware POTUS was not ready. He returned again 15 minutes later for the scene described above. Pooler takes some satisfaction at the fact a foreign head of state could share in the hurry-up-and-wait lifestyle we enjoy.

At 1:55pm motorcade is rolling to town hall site.

Mike Memoli

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